Obiles is committed to providing all-round EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) solutions for our clients be it from the project conception phase to completion consisting of new processes, maintenance or modification services for the oil & gas and process industries.

With the systems and processes we have in place we shall help you carry out successful projects on time and within budget, and since we take integrity seriously, we shall display transparency and execute projects with excellence in mind.

Here are the core services we offer:


Integrated engineering, key to success

Covering all the trades and all the expertise necessary for the development of a construction project, Obiles Group  offers integrated engineering services that adapt to the customer’s preferred model, which he chooses to dissociate. upstream phases of the realization, or that it prefers a solution EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) turnkey.


With their close proximity to construction activities, which they rely on for their expertise, engineering teams learn from feedback and incorporate skills that only the field can teach. This allows Obiles Group  to design realistic and pragmatic solutions, taking into account, for example, the logics of assembly, and to limit the inefficiencies inherent in the multiplication of interlocutors.


In constant vigilance on regulatory issues to ensure the compliance of facilities, Obiles Group  is also on the latest technological advances. Engineering enriches its traditional know-how with cutting-edge tools – digitization, collaborative 3D models, digital interfaces, business applications, etc. – to design ever more secure and efficient projects.


Mastery of industrial Construction

Thanks to its expertise in its historical business of assembly / lifting and industrial piping, but also in the fields of steel structures and frames, mechanical assembly and handling, Obiles Group  covers all the key needs of projects.


With the help of its numerous and qualified staff, plus its network of trusted subcontractors and complementary know-how (painting, insulation, scaffolding, controls, etc.), the Group mobilizes all the necessary resources for each project. to deliver a turnkey solution, meeting all requirements.


Capitalizing on the experience acquired through complex and diversified projects, Obiles Group  sets up the optimal organization and operating procedures (modularization, pre-assembly in the workshop, etc.) to meet the constraints of the field and to better integrate the operations in the schedules.



Combining expertise and agility, Obiles Group ‘s teams are constantly listening to the customer, anticipating the vagaries and aiming to be proactive in controlling the timing, cost, quality and, above all, the safety of the customers. projects.


Specialist in maintenance and Scheduled Shutdowns

Based on the density of its network of facilities and its expertise in the key areas of piping, valves, mechanics and metal construction, Obiles Group  defines the operating procedures and mobilizes all the human, material and necessary to execute the maintenance plans defined by the operator, from the daily intervention to the management of major stops.


By focusing on the digitalization of exchanges, the flexibility of the organization and the fluidity of piloting, Obiles Group  offers its customers an experience based on cooperation and mutual trust. Promoting communication and the common search for solutions, this proximity maximizes both the availability of facilities and the security of operations, while controlling costs.


Finally, thanks to its culture of service and solidarity among its multiple competences, the Group knows how to activate its synergies to respond without delay to all the needs, including the exceptional situations that operators sometimes have to face.

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